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File Name Fences
Download fences-3-09.exe (12.1M)
Type Desktop organizer
Fences is a very good program and one of the most amazing and very practical.

If your desktop is messed up, Fences is the program you need. This program organizes your desktop in ways you've never seen before. By using Fences, you can create icon groups and assign an area to the group on the desktop just by specifying the icons.

Not only is it great for organizing desktops, but it's also great for that. When your desktop is organized, you'll see a nice desktop that you set up.

Fences is so simple to use, you just select the icons, add them to a group, and after you assign an area to the icons on your desktop, you can hide the areas of those icons whenever you want, You will only see these icons when you want to. Create folder groups, shortcut groups, file groups, favorite program groups, and picture groups.

Create a fence by clicking the right mouse button to draw a rectangle, add the icons you want to place in it, resize the fence, and place the fenced area where you want it on your desktop.

Amazing program, I recommend you to use Fences. Remember that it is completely free for personal use, so you can use it without paying a dime.